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Now THIS is a bold lingerie ad.

When the star model for Forever Yours Lingerie was diagnosed with cancer, the brand decided to stick with her.

Tom Megginson at The Ethical Admanapproves:

“So, while American Eagle is getting virtual hugs and high fives for its commitment to not photoshopping its typical-looking models,  elsewhere there are brands and models who are willing to show us what it really takes to do something about the fashion industry’s body image problem.”

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All I can do is


ETA: no, wait, hold up, stop the presses. There’s another thing I can do and that’s shop their store. You probably can too, because CHECK OUT THEIR BRA MATRIX



Reblogging because look at that size range!!!! And also because representation is important.


HELL YES and they’re CANADIAN. *bookmarks for later purchases*

Since I know so many people who have trouble finding bras/chest support in their size.


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This little creature embodies a fairy forest. Many forests of different worlds, in fact. And the things they have in common – beauty and wildness. It is a forest where the air itself is filled with power. Nevertheless, the spirit is quite curious and playful sometimes. Don’t be surprised if he starts exploring your house or your dreams.

He loves green minerals, and can charge them with forest energy. But most of all he loves jade. The stones you see on some photos are a jade and a bloodstone, his favorite trinkets. They will come along with the beastie, and it’s better not take them away until he is bored of it. Or you can offer some stones from your collection – he will surely be interested to see them and play with some.

Materials: epoxy putty, acrylic paint, varnish.
Size: 39mm height, 74mm length.

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